Updatest, new testing technologies for the food sector

In 2016, the food and drink manufacturing and processing (FDMP) industry is the largest manufacturing sector in the EU. It comprises more than 285,000 companies employing more than 4.5 million people, and represents 14.6% of total turnover and 12.5% of value added. SMEs are especially relevant as they account for 99.1% companies, 64.3% employees, 51.6% turnover, and 48.8% value added of total EU FDMP. However, their investment level in research, development and innovation RDI is only 0.27% of output (compared to 0.56% in USA), Similarly, SMEs’ investment in recruitment is also limited, which results in a high rate of low-qualified employees (30% vs. overall 21%) and a lack of attractiveness for skilled workers. The soundest consequence of this mix is the significantly low labour productivity of the industry.

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